Meet the Learning Council

Last term each class chose two people to represent them at our weekly Learning Council Meetings.  The Learning Council works to make our school the best it can be and the class reps bring to these meetings the views and feelings of their classmates.  This year the Learning Council are VERY excited as they have been charged with developing our outdoor space!  We were lucky enough to be granted a considerable sum from the Ward Discretionary Fund and the children are busy planning how this could be best used.  The fundraising we do as a school (through the Halloween Disco, Christmas and Summer Fayres etc) will also go towards this project.  If your child has any ideas for what they would like to see in the playground then get them to leave a comment on the blog so the Learning Council can consider everyone’s ideas!

Within the Learning Council we have elected Office Bearers and they are already doing a super job of planning and running the meetings!  Meet the Team… Chair Person – Finlay P7, Vice Chair – Emily P5/6, Secretary – Sean P5/6 and Time Manager Gemma P5.  I’m really excited about seeing what we can achieve this session 🙂

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