Staffing Update

As you are aware, when Ms McNee was successful in gaining our full-time class teaching post this meant her original 4 days of management and class cover were left vacant. We’re really pleased to announce that Miss Shaw has been appointed to this post and will be continuing to work at Crown after the holidays. Miss Shaw will be teaching in P3/4, P5/6 and P6 to cover management and CCR time (teacher development time).

This of course means that we need to say goodbye to Mr Lee and Mrs Sutherland who were covering these days on a temporary basis.

Mr Lee and Mrs Sutherland are finishing with us at Crown this week and while we’re really sad to see them go there is a happy ending for everyone as Mr Lee has secured a full-time teaching position at Milton of Leys and Mrs Sutherland will continue working at Lochardil Primary!

Be join me in thanking Mr Lee and Mrs Sutherland for all their hard work and congratulating Miss Shaw as she hands P3 back to Mrs McDonagh and begins work with other classes in the school.

3 thoughts on “Staffing Update

  1. I miss you Mr Lee. Thank you for being my teacher. I hope you have a wonderful time at your new school. I am happy that you got a new job. I am looking forward to having Miss Shaw in the new year 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Great that Miss Shaw is staying on at Crown. Katja is sad to lose her in P3 but will be glad to still see her around the school!

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