What Are We Learning This Term?

The children and teachers have been busy planning some new and exciting learning experiences for Term Three!  You will be receiving the Learning Overview for your child’s class in the coming days and this will give you a more detailed picture of what your child is up to.  As always, do get in touch if you can contribute to any of the topics, we’d love to have you in to share your skills and talents!

  • Morning Nursery – Space Adventures, a science topic that takes the children out of this world!
  • Afternoon Nursery – All Creatures Great and Small, a focus on the animal kingdom and all the wonderful beasties you can find!
  • P1 and P1/2 – Dinosaur Island, stepping back in time to when dinosaurs roamed the earth.
  • P2-4 – The Circus Comes to Town, a numeracy based topic that will transform the children into circus performers!
  • P5 – It’s all about ME!  A study of all matters health and body related.
  • P5/6 – Show Racism the RED CARD – an exploration of discrimination, tolerance and how to make the world a more understanding place.
  • P6 – It’s all about ME! A study of world religions and how people are connected.
  • P6/7 – Made in Scotland, a culinary exploration to discover more about local food, farming and the demands on the people involved.
  • P7 – Keep Calm and Study On, take a walk in the shoes of those who lived through the Great Wars with a focus on WWII.

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