Have YOUR Say!

Before the holidays the children and staff were discussing homework and what learning at home could or should look like.  This was a result of some classes having less than half of the children handing homework in and the standard to which it was being completed varied greatly from week to week.

There were mixed views across the school with some seeing the learning done at home as very valuable and others not.  Our next Parent Council Meeting (on February 24th) will be exploring this topic so we’d like to hear from as many of you as possible before this meeting to get as representative a view as possible. If you can come along to the Parent Council Meeting and contribute to this discussion then we’d love to see you!

While I’m sure you would like to click a few of the boxes on the survey below, can I ask that you think about what is MOST important to you and your child/ren and cast one vote.   If you have other suggestions please leave a comment or drop me an email so your opinions can be considered.

5 thoughts on “Have YOUR Say!

  1. Prefer homework to given on a Monday and returned by the end of the week. Homework over the weekend is difficult to fit in with other family activities.

  2. Thanks for asking our views on what can be an emotive subject. I thought I would attach a link here to some reading on the scholastic website (article for teachers)


    Also a comment from the National Union of Head Teachers web site which asks – Is it reasonable to expect young children to buckle down to a bit of study outside classroom hours?

    The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT) in the UK thinks children should be spending more time doing extra-curricular activities like sport and music, rather than having their heads stuck in books.

    The NAHT’s General Secretary, David Hart thinks quality should over-rule quantity: “We must not emphasise homework at the expense of other activities which are equally important.

  3. I think that we are just being prepared for milburn because not even the thought of no homework will be thought and it’s hardly much is it.

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