Parent Feedback

At the start of this term we asked parents to let us know what was going well and also how we could continue to grow and develop. Thank you so much to the parents who took the time to provide us with feedback in order to help improve the experience your children get at Crown. Below you will see the responses received and teachers are currently exploring these and looking for ways to move things forward… watch this space!

What’s going well?

  • Blog – the main school blog came out in many responses as being a really positive change and parents feel they are kept informed and up to date with all that is happening.
  • Learning Overviews and Learning Records also received positive comments as parents have enjoyed knowing what the children are learning and having access to their Learning Records throughout the year has been great.
  • Ethos – parents find the school a positive and happy place to be 🙂
  • Links across classes/age groups – children working across age groups is a positive way to encourage that ‘family feeling’ in our big school.
  • Staff are approachable and responsive to concerns – parents felt the lines of communication are good and they know they can speak with anyone in the school if they have a concern.
  • Lunchtime clubs – these are appreciated and the children enjoy them (we’ll continue to see what the children would like and change these from time to time).
  • Children at Crown get many opportunities when at school to learn from each other, from visitors and take part in new activities. Parents thought this was great.
  • Good to be Green– our new approach to monitoring behaviour has been well received and it appears to be making a difference.
  • PE– parents commented on the P4-7 pupils having PE teachers from Millburn working with them and how positively their children speak of this.
  • Stable staff in P2 – Primary 2 has had a few changes in teachers this year but parents are happy that there is more stability with Miss Rae in the class.
  • Curriculum Evening – parents found this event informative and are keen for more (perhaps around ICT and staying safe online).
  • Hopes and Dreams– parents who requested a Hopes and Dreams Meeting commented on how positive these were in terms of meeting the class teacher early in the school year and making a connection.
  • 21st Century Learning Zone – this was commented on as a positive development along with the revamping of areas around the school.

Areas for Growth– parents identified the following as food for thought…

  • Healthier Tuckshop/Enterprise – parents commented on encouraging the children to explore enterprise activities that are less sugary! This we can certainly do!
  • Homework – it was commented that this is variable from class to class and children receive varied feedback from teachers.  This is our Topic of the Moment as it’s being discussed in school and hopefully at home.  The Parent Council Meeting on February 24th will be exploring this further, so come along and join in the discussion if you’re free.
  • Blogs– parents commented on how they LOVE the class blogs but would like to see these updated more often.  Teachers are looking for ways (and time!) to ensure this happens.  It’s hoped that every class will have at least ONE new post appearing each week.  A request from the school to parents… PLEASE leave comments for the children so teachers know their blogs are being looked at, thanks!
  • Stay and Play for Parents… We love this idea! A few teachers are looking to trial this in the coming months.  It would be lovely to have parents sign up to stay and help in the classroom with whatever is going on (your children will love it too!).
  • Focus on sports for girls – this is a great idea and while I know that there are a few sporting projects out there with a big focus on getting girls more active, I’ll get in touch with Tim Allen (Active Schools Coordinator) and see what he can suggest to move this forward.
  • Composite classes– a request from parents to avoid having children in this class set-up year after year.  Academically there is really no difference between a straight class and a composite but we do understand that socially there might be. It is good to mix the children up each year and will do our best to do so.
  • Outdoor toys/play equipment– this is an ongoing puzzle for us… where do all the toys go?  These are bought during the year but seem to find their way over the walls or onto the roof in no time!  We will of course replace what we can and will continue to encourage the children to use them responsibly.
  • Continue to challenge the children, raise expectations in maths and identify any gaps sooner – this certainly ties in with our school development priority of raising attainment in maths and is something the teachers are working to develop further.

Thanks again to everyone who provide these suggestions, it’s going to be exciting to see what we can do in the coming months!


2 thoughts on “Parent Feedback

  1. Great stuff Ms Mackenzie…really like the Stay & Play idea…Monday pm for me please.
    Your doing a fab job, you & all your staff 🙂

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