Shinty STARS!


This year, Mrs Mutch decided to get Crown playing a new sport… SHINTY!  The P5 class have been working with Stuart McIntosh (who plays for Glen Urquhart) for the past 6 weeks and have been quick to learn some new skills.  A team of eight represented Crown in a tournament at Inverness High School last week and had to face some strong and very experienced teams!  Mrs Mutch reported that the team were amazing and weren’t intimidated by the more experienced and older teams they faced.  They played extremely well and are all hooked!

Mrs Mutch is desperately hoping we can acquire our own shinty equipment so she can keep this sport going and who knows how good they’ll be next year?!  A HUGE well done to our first ever shinty team: Mac, Scott, Milena, Katie, William, Joe, Alex and Struan! And a BIG thank you to Mrs Mutch for organising this new experience for the children 🙂

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