Badminton Success!

On Sunday 32 of our pupils turned up at Millburn Academy for our House Badminton Competition and they all played really well! Congratulations to the overall winners who were Barnhill, they will receive the trophy 🙂

From the day we have a number of successes:

Girls singles:

  • Gold- Jess P5/6
  • Silver – Elissa P6/7
  • Bronze – Clara P5

Boys Singles:

  • Gold  – Gordon P7
  • Silver – Andrew P6
  • Bronze – Finlay P7

Girls Doubles:

  • Gold – Elissa and Julia
  • Silver – Jess and Karolina
  • Bronze – Aimee and McLade

Boys Doubles:

  • Gold – Thomas and Andrew
  • Silver – Finlay and Gordon
  • Bronze – Kenneth and Cameron

A HUGE thank you to Mrs MacLeod and Mrs Forbes for all the time they have put into running this club – we really appreciate all your efforts!  We have two new coaches (and some eager Millburn pupils) ready to take over the club next session which is wonderful news!

5 thoughts on “Badminton Success!

    1. The Crown Badminton club will be starting again after the summer holidays… in the meantime you should book yourself a court at the Leisure Centre and go with a few friends to play!

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