Interschool Sports

Each year schools are invited to enter teams of Primary 5-7 pupils into the Interschool Sports Athletics competition held at Bught Park. This year the competition will take place on Saturday 30th May and training will start this week for any interested children.  All children who attend the training sessions MUST be able to attend all day on the 30th May, so please double-check your availability before allowing your child to take part.

The training is open to girls and boys in P5-7 and will run every Thursday from 3.00-4.00. As Mr Scott-Woodhouse is off at the moment recovering from a knee operation, Mrs Danby has kindly offered to come back and train the children 🙂 All children will take part in the training and only when closer to the competition date, will the team be selected.

A note should be coming home with your child on Monday, please sign and return this as soon as possible.

4 thoughts on “Interschool Sports

  1. Hi, just wondering if this date is fixed as the Scottish Cup final is on the 30th May! Seems a shame that the 2 coincide.

    1. Unfortunately the date is fixed. There has been a lot of discussion around this but as the Interschool Sports date is an annual fixture that schools plan around, it was decided not to change it. A shame I know, but unavoidable.

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