Making a Difference

North Street Visitors

At our Easter Service £200 was collected for North Street School in Jamaica. Recently, teachers from the school came to visit Crown, they joined our P1-4 assembly and also visited the P5-7 classes and the children loved meeting them and hearing their stories!  Our visitors were over the moon to receive the money donated by our Crown families and friends and plan on using it to buy books for the children in their school.  Thank you so much for your generosity – it will certainly make a difference!

We are again looking to make a difference and as you will all be aware the earthquake in Nepal has caused such devastation for an incredible amount of people and this disaster has directly and personally affected one of our Crown families.

Ms Haines and her P1/2 class have been working away coming up with ideas about how we can help and their first idea takes place on Friday 8th May.  We would like all the children to dress down for the day for a suggested donation of £1, if you would like to donate more, that would be wonderful.  On Friday throughout the school we’ll be making our own version of prayer flags that you will no doubt have seen in images of Nepal and particularly the Himalayas.

Traditionally, prayer flags are used to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom and our flags will represent these ideals.  We hope to have our flags blowing in the wind so all our good wishes can be carried to the people of Nepal at this very sad time.

To make this happen we need material so are kindly asking for each child to bring in something they can use to write their message on.  It could be an old t-shirt, a pillowcase, a shirt, anything that we can cut up and they can write/draw on, ready to be hung in our playground.

If there are any parents/carers who have a sewing machine and are willing to sew the flags together (to form bunting) we’d love to hear from you.

All the money we raise will go directly to Nepal to help the village of our P1 Crown family – thank you in advance for your support.

7 thoughts on “Making a Difference

      1. Super idea. I have a sewing machine and lots of fabrics, will be there to help on Friday.

  1. What a wonderful idea – we’ll send in an old duvet cover that can be cut up for several children to use. I can be in school with sewing machine on Friday afternoon, with my little helper, Ailsa, if that’s ok! What time?

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