Something NEW is Coming…

trim trailThe Learning Council have been working hard to gather ideas from all the children in their classes and then in discussion with Sutcliffe Play, put together a design for a Trim Trail. They had to make sure it was suitable for all ages, physically challenging and of course within their budget!

The design above shows what they came up with and I’m sure you’ll agree, they’ve done an amazing job!

We received an email today saying that work will start on actually building their creation TOMORROW! The construction of the Trim Trail should take around three days to complete and we’re excited to see how their ideas take shape. Please remind your children to stay clear of the area sectioned off by the workers to allow them to get on with all they need to do.

9 thoughts on “Something NEW is Coming…

  1. Haha I am so excited it looks like okay weather during the day fingers crossed it’s not like yesterday I had to play golf in the pouring rain

    1. Hi Gabby! I think some of your comments have YouTube links on them that I can’t post as they may not be suitable…sorry! Ms MacKenzie

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