We’re SO Excited!

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This week we’ve had heaps of fun on the new trim trail and I have to say how impressed I’ve been by everyone’s willingness to give it a go!  It’s also been lovely to see so many children using it before and after school.  Can we remind parents that while we’re more than happy for the children to play on it at these times, school staff are not available to supervise the trim trail so we’re relying on parents to keep an eye on their little ones!

Your children already know these rules and we’d appreciate parents/carers reinforcing them if their children are using it before or after school and they are:

  1. Avoid stepping on the black soxx that forms the perimeter of the trim trail.  This is stuffed with grass seed that we hope will grow through to turn the edge into a grassy verge.
  2. Keep your eyes on the person in front and only move forward if there is a space – avoid creating traffic jams and having too many people in one place.
  3. There should only be two people on the wobble bridge and the climbing wall at any time.
  4. There should only be one person in the tunnel and on the monkey bars at any time.
  5. When waiting for the monkey bars, stay back to avoid being kicked by the person in front.
  6. At no time should anyone be climbing along the top of the monkey bars.
  7. Have fun and encourage your friends to give it a go!

We’d love to hear what your children think of the new trim trail so ask them and leave a comment here on the blog!  A HUGE thank you to the Learning Council who worked hard on getting the design turned into something we can all enjoy and to Sutcliffe Play and Scotbark for getting it organised so quickly!


3 thoughts on “We’re SO Excited!

  1. It is really cool and remember p6d are doing a time trial of the trim trail at the fayre on Satuarday ninja warrior crown school style!!! Come and have a go prizes for fastest adult and child.

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