Classes for Next Year

The month of June is fast approaching and this is when teachers work together to create our new classes for the coming school year.  When creating each class we look at the children, their friendships, learning needs, strong combinations (who works well together and that’s sometimes not a ‘best’ friend!) and a balance of age and gender.

For some children moving into a new class is easy and making new friends doesn’t worry them at all, but for some this can cause some anxiety.  With this in mind, we’d like to offer parents/carers the opportunity to share with us your thoughts about your child, how they learn best and share any concerns you may have that you feel the school may not already be aware of.

Children entering P1 will be meeting with their new P1 teachers prior to the holidays for a Hopes and Dreams Meeting but for all other families of children currently in P1-6 if you would like to drop in a note for the attention of Ms MacKenzie or email me directly at then we can add your comments to those of the children and the teachers when creating our new classes. Please ensure your note/email is sent to school on or before 3pm on Tuesday 2nd June.

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