Second Level Visit from Childline

As part of the curriculum the children at Second Level learn about people and agencies that they can go to and seek support from.  We had a special visitor today who worked with all of the P5-P7 classes.  John works for Childline but in his previous life, he was a policeman.

To start the day, John told us about the role of childline and how we can get in contact with them.  Children (and adults) often have worries and these can build up if we don’t talk to someone about them.  What is a worry for one person may not be a worry for someone else.

He also introduced us to Buddy, the Childline mascot.  John then went into each of the second level classes and worked with the children on different scenarios so they could discuss the differences between needs and wants.

John was very impressed by the behaviour and mature responses that he got from the children and also the knowledge that was shared.

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