Junior Road Safety Officer (JRSO)

Our trip to JRSO training written by:

William E, William M, Sarah, Scott, Ruars, Clara and Mya-Izzy

When we arrived at the Culduthel Christian Centre, the first thing we saw was a big bunch of JRSOs who seemed to be standing at a different array of stalls.  We got given out a high visibility jacket along with a notebook and badge.  The stalls were splayed around the outside leaving the middle for games to play.

The next few stalls we went to were bikeability, park smart, stopping safely at high speeds with the Police, the 50 day walk (which we will tell you more about in assembly) and the JRSO website.  Then we went on to the Police speed camera van which was fun moving the speed camera around.

The Magic Show – The magic show was a 45 minute presentation about how to make assemblies more interesting to children of a younger age.  Then we received a goodie bag with lots of goodies in it.

Overall it was a good trip and we learned lots of new things about being Junior Road Safety Officers!


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