News from Kenya!

We just received an email from Miss Shaw!  Please read on to find out more about where she’s working in Kenya. Your child might want to post a question to find out more and when she has internet, she might be able to respond!

The children at the orphanage are all very happy and eager to learn. A typical day here in Kenya starts with an early morning sing at around 5.30am. The children then get up and get dressed into their school uniforms, ready to start class at 7.30am. The Kenyans start their day very early! We stop for a break and lunch with the school day ending at 15.40. As you can see it’s a very long day and the children work very hard. Homework sessions begin at 16.30 – 18.00. During this time the children must complete their homework in their classroom and always have a teacher around if they get stuck. The orphans eat dinner around 7pm in a large dining hall all together and end with lots of singing and dancing. They love to sing and dance and are super at it! Shortly after this the children then head off to bed where they all sleep together in a building similar to a dormitory. They all have mosquito nets to keep them safe from malaria.

In terms of what I have been doing specifically, I have been teaching in the Nursery class. There are 7 children in my class – 3 girls and 4 boys. They are so happy to have me as their teacher and are so eager to learn new things. At the moment they are still learning how to speak English, so a lot of the work I am doing is teaching them English! We also do lots of arts and crafts in the afternoons which the children thoroughly enjoy!

There is a massive community spirit here; it’s like one big family which is lovely. The children live, eat, sleep and go to school together and therefore are very close.

I’m having a wonderful time but missing everyone at Crown very much. The generous donations you gave of stationery have been really appreciated – so THANK YOU!  

4 thoughts on “News from Kenya!

  1. Looks like Miss Shaw is having a great time! Thank you for sharing with us! It’s great to see the school hoodies being worn by the kids in Kenya.

    A 5.30am sing-song; this sounds a great start to the morning!

    I wonder what sort of tasks the kids do for homework in Kenya . . .?


  2. Wow Miss Shaw! You are changing lives you must be so proud! I am missing you so much! What songs do the children like to sing or dance to? What games do they play? Do they know games like tig or hide and seek? I hope you are well and I wish you and the Kenyans all the best! See you soon.
    Best wishes Lucia

  3. Hello everyone! Mr Cook, Dr Donald and Lucia – thank you for your reply! It’s great to hear from you all.

    Lucia…the dancing the children do is very African; they use their hips a lot and they have great rhythm. The singing is about praising God and being thankful for what they have. They all have excellent singing voices – even the little ones – and they sing so loud. It always wakes me up in the mornings! I will show the style of singing and dancing one day when I return. It’s amazing to watch! In terms of what games they play…they LOVE football. Every PE lesson is a game of football or basketball. They really enjoy anything that involves using a ball. I think they know how to play tig but not hide and seek. The girls like to plait each others hair and they have enjoyed painting their nails with the nail polish I took with me. The little ones just love to colour in; they don’t normally have pens or crayons so this has been a real treat for them.

    How is P6? I hope everyone is working hard for Miss Dunbar. Miss you all lots!

    Miss Shaw

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