Classes for Next Year

We’ve been informed that for next session we will have twelve classes so have been working hard in recent weeks, placing children in their new classes and assigning teachers to these.  We’ve had a number of new families visiting which has meant a little bit of juggling around has been necessary but we’re almost there!

Teachers have been assigned to the following classes for next session:

  • P1 – Mrs McCormick
  • P1/2 – Miss MacBeath
  • P2 – Vacancy.  Mr Cook has been given additional management time for next session so will not be class committed.  This is great for the school as we’ll really be able to get our teeth into our school development priorities. Miss Rae has kindly agreed to start the year with this class until the post is advertised.  We’re really happy about this as she’s done an amazing job with our current P2s.
  • P2/3 – Vacancy.  We’re holding interviews for this post in the last week of school so will be able to let the children know who their teacher is before the summer 🙂
  • P3 – Ms McDonagh
  • P4 – Miss Mackintosh and Mrs Fowler
  • P4/5 – Miss Cameron
  • P5 – Mrs Mutch
  • P5/6 – Miss Dunbar
  • P6 – Mr Mathie.  Mr Cook will teach in P6 one day and will also mentor Mr Mathie during his probationary year.
  • P7 – Miss McNee
  • P7 – Miss Gray

The aim is to have our Moving Up afternoon on Tuesday 30th June.  This is a time when the children all get to spend an hour or so with their new classmates and teacher.  It’s always an exciting time for the children and the teachers 🙂 On this day we’ll confirm with parents/carers which class your child has been placed in for the new session.  These classes are always subject to change as if new families enroll over the summer we may need to reconfigure things if it affects class sizes.

There have been a few staffing changes this year but we’re excited to be welcoming new teachers to our Crown Team and are looking forward to seeing the school grow and develop more next session!

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