We LOVE Words!

One of the things we’re working on throughout the school is making sure everyone is making progress in their writing and enjoying it too!  At school we talk about the traits of good writing and these are:

  • Ideas –  a strong main idea or message
  • Organisation – a structure that fits the topic
  • Voice – your personal ‘fingerprint’ that sounds like the writer
  • Word Choice – strong verbs and sensory details that paint a picture for the reader
  • Sentence Fluency – words that link together perfectly and flow
  • Conventions – punctuation, grammar and spelling that makes the writing easy to read
  • Presentation – an awareness of layout, white-space, images, text and a neat handwriting or the right font

Next term, as part of our Home Learning throughout the school, we’ll be thinking more about WORD CHOICE. Teachers will be sending home some deliciously strong words and setting children the challenge of using these in their own writing and in conversations at school or at home.  Teachers will be on the lookout for people using this new and adventurous vocabulary and awarding House Points to those who do!

To get us started I’d LOVE to see how many people manage to use one of my favourite words in their very own sentence! Ask your child to reply to this post and share their sentence using the word…


8 thoughts on “We LOVE Words!

  1. I was so discombobulated today that, when I was getting changed, after I took my PJ’s off I put them back on again instead of my school clothes 😂

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