Do YOU have what it takes to be a Friendship Monitor?


Last term we were working on how to make sure everyone feels happy and safe at school and the children and parents thought that having Friendship Monitors would be a great idea. Yesterday the Learning Council discussed what it would mean to be a Friendship Monitor and all agreed that children of any age should be allowed to apply for the job!

Please share the Friendship Monitor job description (created by the Learning Council) with your child and see if they are interested in taking on this very important role.  All interested children should write to or email Ms MacKenzie before 3pm on Monday 2nd November explaining why they would be good at this job and then we’ll be ‘interviewing’ the applicants next week.  The interview panel will consist of two members of staff and two members of the Learning Council 🙂

Friendship Monitor – Job Description

An excellent  friendship monitor should be someone who:

  • Is friendly
  • Is good at talking to others
  • Has the skills to make sure everyone feels included
  • Is good at helping everyone
  • Notices when people are on their own or lonely and tries to help
  • Understands other people’s feelings
  • Knows lots of games to play and can make up their own
  • Is good at solving problems but knows when an adult is needed to help
  • Is a good time-keeper who uses their time wisely and fairly
  • Is a good listener and is fair
  • Is gentle and kind
  • Is confident and enthusiastic
  • Is patient and dedicated

I know we have so many kind and caring children throughout the school and I’m excited to see how they will take this role forward.


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