Children in Need

children in need

On Friday 13th November it’s Children in Need Day! The theme for the day is Champions of Change and the Learning Council have been working hard to plan some fun activities for the whole school to take part in.

We’d like everyone to be thinking about ‘The inner you…’ what you love, what goes on in your head and heart, what makes you unique and that’s how we’d like you to dress up!

There will be a bake sale at break time and for this to be a success, we need donations of home-baking (no nuts please) that we can sell on the day. All baking will be priced from 10p-50p so remember to send in some money for your child to spend! Baking should come to your child’s classroom at 9am on Friday 13th.  In the afternoon there will be an assembly/disco where we’ll all be able to share what we’ve been doing and dance the day away!

The Learning Council will be visiting classes and selling wristbands for Children in Need on the 10th, 11th and 12th of November.  If your child would like one then please send them to school with £1. It’s sure to be a great day and one where I know we’ll be able to make a difference to children who need it.  Thank you in advance for your support 🙂children in need

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