Becoming Digital Citizens . . . A Social Media Spotlight

At Crown we’re developing the use of information technology to enhance learning. Our lunchtime group, Digital Citizens, are looking at how we can enjoy working online whilst ensuring that we’re both safe and responsible.

Picture1Instagram is a Social Media App that can be downloaded on smartphones and tablets.  The App’s function is to share photos and videos with their “followers”. At the Parent Council meeting in May 2015 we did a session with parents on the E-Safety and a spotlight on the Instagram App.

Instagram has an age requirement of 13 – more information around this can be found on the UK Safer Internet Centre.

When using internet based devices, it is crucial that families discuss safe and responsible use:

  • Families should promote an ethos where children and their parents/carers can discuss their use of the internet.
  • Families should discuss the importance of privacy settings.
  • Families should discuss what to do if a child feels unsafe online.
  • Families should discuss the features of different devices and Apps that children use.
  • Families should reiterate the message that children should be mindful of who they are interacting with online.

See the recommendations from the UK Safer Internet Centre below:


CLICK HERE for Family Guidance on Instagram

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