Equalities and Diversity

PCAs part of our school improvement this year we are looking at Equalities, Diversity and Human Rights within Crown. It is the expectation that all Highland Schools have an Equalities and Diversity policy in place by 2017.

At tonight’s Parent Council meeting we started to look at the legislation, the Equalities Act (2010), the priorities for our school currently and how we’re aiming to move forward over the course of the session.

At Crown we aim to ensure that children are not stereotyped, face prejudice or face discrimination or victimisation due to a protected characteristic (including association with that characteristic). At Crown we want to develop an ethos where our community values and respects the differences of others.

CLICK HERE – Equalities Introductory PowerPoint

Click the PowerPoint above to see the slides from tonight’s meeting. Our final slide shows our next steps as a school in moving forwad (information will continue to be posted on the blog). Something we’re looking at currently is Gender Stereotypes and Gender Equality through our work in Learning for Sustainability and Equalities and Diversity. This week in the playground you’ll notice that the kids might be lining up a little differently than before in some classes, reflecting on why line up, why have a line of girls and a line of boys?

Ms MacKenzie and I are keen to hear from you if you feel there are any other areas of Equalities and Diversity that we should make a priority this year.

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