Thank YOU!

children in need

I can’t quite believe that Children in Need day was last week – where is the time going at the moment?! On behalf of the Learning Council, we’d like to thank all the Crown children and families for supporting this day and making a difference to those that need it.

The Learning Council reflected on all they learned by planning, organising and running this event and feel they were pretty good at the following skills:

  • Motivating each other by offering encouragement
  • Acting as a good role model to everyone
  • Valuing everyone’s ideas
  • Inspiring people and keeping them going
  • Using their enterprise skills to make a difference

They also thought about the skills they learned that might be useful in the future and feel they showed: good organisation, they worked well with each other, they knew what their job was and all were responsible to make sure the jobs were done (I would have to agree with them!).


The total amount raised on Children in Need day was… £676!
A HUGE thank you and well done to everyone!

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