STEM Business Directory – Thank You


Many thanks to those of you who returned the STEM Business Letter or contacted us via email. We have now created a STEM Business Directory using the information provided. Teachers will be in touch with relevant businesses when creating their exciting STEM Learning Contexts, meaning you can help us make the most of STEM topics, linking your children’s learning to the Skills for Work.

If you didn’t get a chance to respond and you own or work for a company who could help us, please email

Please see part of the original post below:

As part of the work that we’re doing within the school this year on school improvement, there is a Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths (STEM) group which consists of teachers who meet to support the development of STEM in our school.

The development of the Sciences and practical and information Technologies is a priority for Crown this session. As part of this work we want to provide learners with opportunities to work with businesses to understand STEM industries, working with people who use Science, Technologies, Engineering and Maths as part of their day-to-day jobs.

We are aiming to create a directory of businesses and companies who would be willing to work with children within the school environment and/or their business environment to support the teaching of STEM subjects. Our hope is that classes can then contact businesses within the directory to visit the school or for the school to visit the business. It is the Scottish Government’s aim that schools develop the Skills for Work through the 3 – 18 curriculum – the directory providing a great opportunity for Crown to work with businesses in our local community.


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