Different Families Same Love

Valuing difference, fostering fairness and promoting respect are all fundamental to the work that we’re doing this year on Equality and Diversity. In our recent newsletter we shared the work that we’re doing this year to ensure that Equality and Diversity is at the heart of our school community.


As you walk through the school you will see the poster above displayed around the corridors. Both in assembly and through follow-up lessons we have shared the protected characteristics of the Equalities Act (2010) through using the resource to explore diversity.


Between now and the 5th February the whole-school home learning task is to:

In Nursery and Primary 1 (Early Level)
Discuss –

  • Who is in our family?
  • What makes a family?

In Primary 2 – Primary 7 (First/Second Levels)
Discuss –

  • What makes a family?
  • What do you notice about the families within the Different Families Same Love poster?

We look forward hearing about the discussions you have at home as a family.

6 thoughts on “Different Families Same Love

  1. Very welcome to see this equalities discussion being promoted in a positive, appropriate and affirming way. I think we are pretty lucky at Crown to have more diversity than the average for the Highlands, so it’s great to celebrate that and use it to strengthen family bonds – whatever they may look like.

  2. Reblogged this on crownp6 and commented:
    This task will be our talking and listening activity for this week’s home learning. As mentioned in the original post this particular part should be ready to be discussed by Friday 5th.

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