World Book Day!

wbd2This year we’re celebrating World Book Day with a twist! We’re off outdoors on a trail of mystery and adventure.

On Friday 4th March 2016, we’re looking forward to seeing you dressed as your favourite fairy tale or book character. We’re aiming to walk the total distance of the length of the UK, Land’s End to John O’ Groats, twice – a whopping 1,748 miles. Collectively, with over 300 pupils taking part, we’ll reach our target. Our journey is going to take the path of a sponsored walk around Inverness. Along the way we’ll follow the bread crumbs through the enchanted Ness Island forest, join The Mad Hatter’s tea party (we couldn’t not stop for a snack!) and trek across The Shire – well, Inverness-Shire.

FootstepsToday you will have received a letter and a sponsor form. The money raised will be a donation to the Be Your Best Foundation, a charity which supports children and young people in making positive life choices through actively decreasing crime and substance misuse. The funds will also contribute to the school’s costs in entering the Rock Challenge competition at Eden Court in March through the Rock Challenge: Be Your Best Foundation. For more information about the Be Your Best Foundation, please visit:


We’re looking for volunteers for the trip. If you’re able to support, please return the slip to your child’s teacher by Friday 12th February 2016.

Please note there is no minimum amount required on the sponsor form. All children will take part in our World Book Day celebrations, regardless of funds raised.

CLICK HERE – Letter 10-02-16

CLICK HERE – Sponsor Form – 10-02-16

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