Reasons to Celebrate!

We’ve had so many wonderful things happening over the past few weeks and the children at Crown have been making us very proud!

A HUGE well done to all the children who competed at the Eden Court Music Festival and did so well:

  • Charlotte and Hannah Grey – piano- Commended
  • Robbie Russell – viola – 2nd place
  • Andrew Lewthwaite – strings – 3rd place
  • Grace MacKenzie – piano – 3rd place
  • Isla Walker – cello – 1st place – Merit
  • Danielle Arbuthnot – viola – 2nd place

Congratulations to the MANY children who took part in the Solo Verse Speaking Competition.  They all did incredibly well in the different categories.  A special mention to the following children for their wonderful performances:

  • 1st place – Lucia Savage
  • 1st place – Danielle Arbuthnot
  • 2nd place – Emily Megson
  • 2nd place – Grace Kemp
  • 3rd place – Ava Holmes and Sarah Scobbie
  • 3rd place – Isla Walker
  • 4th place – Alex Grey
  • 4th place – Lara Shannon
  • 1st place – Finlay Sampson
  • 2nd place – Euan Hamilton
  • 3rd place – Louis Cooper

I’m hoping we’ve not missed anyone here… ask your child to come and see me if they’ve not been recognised!

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