Literacy and Communication Skills

What a wonderful event for our P7 pupils here at Crown to be involved in! HUGE thanks to our very own Mr Cook who helped put this extravaganza together!


The Literacy curriculum for Primary 7 pupils in the Millburn Area School Group (ASG) has looked a little bit different this term. They have been developing oral and written communication skills, research skills, critical thinking skills, the skill of making connections, presentation skills and comparing and contrasting sources. The skills themselves have been no different than the skill set that has traditionally been developed within the Literacy curriculum in Primary 7; however, this year they have been driven through the context of Career Education.


Following the work that Lochardil Primary School developed on Career Education through their Literacy and Health and Wellbeing programme, the Millburn ASG have developed this within their school’s curriculum. The children have been researching local industries on My World of Work, comparing the values of businesses to the values of their school, communicating directly with businesses, developing dynamic presentation skills to present to their families and businesses, making…

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