I can’t see the wood for the trees!

During the Easter holidays our ‘janitors’ Willie and Elliot along with Miss Dunbar were busy planting some trees that were donated by The Woodland Trust, with soil donated by Dobbies, Inverness.  Most of the Rowan, Silver Birch and Cherry trees were planted in the green space at the front of the school with a couple going next to the church.

As these trees develop their root systems and begin to get stronger, we would like to help them by staying off this area at the moment.  There are plenty of places to play within the school grounds so let’s leave the front of the school to grow and develop this month.

Willie and Miss Dunbar also planted some wild flower seed that was donated by Kew Gardens and this will hopefully create another habitat within our playground.  This is an aspect that the Eco Group are working on this term. Keep an eye out for flowers beginning to brighten up the school grounds!

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