Rock Challenge – Wednesday

Rock_ChallengeThe Rock Challenge performers have had their dress rehearsal; the next time they perform will be on the Eden Court stage on Wednesday.

Some information for the day . . .

  • ALL costumes should be brought into school by the end of the day on Tuesday
  • Rock Challenge pupils will arrive at Crown for the usual time – 9am – dressed in their red Rock Challenge t-shirt, comfortable trousers/ leggings and comfortable shoes
  • We will leave Crown at around 9.45am and travel to Eden Court by bus, arriving there for 10am
  • We will be at Eden Court all day and should be collected at Eden Court at 8.30pm
  • During the day we will take place in rehearsals and workshops
  • Families watching the show – this begins at 6pm and finishes around 8.15pm/8.30pm
  • Those who are assisting with hair and make-up – please meet us in the foyer at 4.30pm
  • Rock Challenge pupils should have enough food and drinks for the whole day – you’ll need a BIG packed lunch! As the Be Your Best Foundation is a health and wellbeing charity, we kindly respect that fizzy drinks are not permitted (unless part of a medical need).

We’re all REALLY excited and can’t wait to perform!

2 thoughts on “Rock Challenge – Wednesday

  1. Good luck everyone. You have all worked so hard and I know you will be amazing. Can’t wait to see your show.

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