Fraxi – Queen of the Forest

Last week we had a visit from Asylon Theatre with their production of Fraxi Queen of the Forest.  This was a performance for P4-7 pupils.

The story was about Fraxi, an ash tree that gets infected with the Chalara fungus that has been attacking ash trees across the Europe. Through an ancient ritual the life of a young boy Woody is connected to Fraxi.  The message of the story was that everything always changes in the forest (and in life) and that nothing ever really dies in nature. It was both entertaining and thought-provoking and certainly seemed to have an impact on the children.

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In the afternoon the Eco group and the Learning Council got together for a workshop. They participated in some drama games before creating their own piece of drama. This was a fabulous opportunity for all the children and one they really seemed to enjoy.

Thank you to the families who donated £1 towards this event – we appreciate your support in helping to provide these experiences for the children.

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