Badminton Success!

On Sunday 24th April our P5-7 pupils took part in a Badminton Tournament at Millburn Academy and all did brilliantly! The coaches reported they were all enthusiastic, showed super team work skills and great fun was had by all.

Singles Results:

  • 1st – Rory
  • 1st – Elissa
  • 2nd – Sam
  • 2nd – Julia
  • 3rd – Robbie
  • 3rd – Clara

Doubles Results:

  • 1st – Rory and Robbie
  • 1st – Elissa and Julia
  • 2nd – Jessica and Clara
  • 2nd – Sam and Clara
  • 3rd – Struan and William
  • 3rd – Mclade and Nikki

Please join me in congratulating all our players and also in thanking Yvonne and Malen for giving up their time on a Sunday to make this happen 🙂

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