Rugby STARS!

Last week a group of eager Primary 7s took part in a Primary Schools Rugby Tournament and the children were fantastic!  They played hard (suffered a few minor injuries) and managed to take FIRST place winning the Stars of the Future trophy! Miss McNee and Miss Gray reported that the children were a credit to the school and this was reinforced when I received the email below from another school competing at the tournament:

We were at the rugby tournament with your pupils today. We are quite a wee school but were in the semi final against your children and although they won, and must have been proud as punch – they saw our guys on their way out and took the time to say to ours how well they thought they’d played.

What a lovely lot you have – please pass on that their comments made our children feel really good and our children commented on how great it was that the winners said that.

Thank you to our P7s who gave us yet another reason to be proud of them all :).

One thought on “Rugby STARS!

  1. Seems to come naturally to them…well done all 🙂
    Nice manners cost nothing and can get you everywhere.

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