Baillie Cup STARS!

Baillie Cup1

On Thursday our team of athletes took part in the Baillie Cup competition at the Aquadome and they were all SUPERSTARS! With over 500 children taking part our team ran like the wind, managed to pick up lots of individual medals and came fourth overall!

Please join me in congratulating our athletes from P1 – Olivia, Ruby, Ailsa, Louis, Keir and Sam. From P2 – Killian, Robbie, Will, Piper, Amelie and Alice. From P3 – Georgia, Evie, Zusanna, Conall, Sam and Alister. From P4 – Hannah, Grace, Freya, Coll, Max H and Max S.

Also a BIG thank you to Miss Rae and Donna (Soren’s Mum) who have helped me with the training sessions each week!

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