Relax and Play . . .

RRSIt’s been a busy year for our Rights Respecting Schools group. Well done to all of these pupils for their hard work in setting up and helping us achieve the recognition of commitment! A special thank you also to ALL the pupils and staff for being so supportive of all our ideas.

As the summer rolls in we would like you to help us remember a very special right – Article 31 – The right to relax and play. Yep, that’s correct – you have the RIGHT to relax!

Both playing and relaxing are things that we need to keep us happy and healthy. We would love you to share what you will be doing in the summer holidays to demonstrate this right. Whether it’s going to the park or reading a book – we’d love you to comment below telling us all about it.

We’ll be continuing to work on the Rights Respecting Schools Award next year and will share information via the school and class blogs.

Have a happy holiday everybody!
From The Rights Respecting Schools Group

2 thoughts on “Relax and Play . . .

  1. We are going for nice walks and rock climbing in Harris…meeting up with family & friends…celebrating special birthdays..caravaning to Silver Sands & lots of reading for us all! Happy days 😊

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