Loch Ness 5k- Team Leader Search

**Further Update**

Julie has advised that  she can no longer register a team………..if any children do still want to run they can enter on the day as long as they have a parent with them.

Apologies  for any inconvenience.

I am very grateful to juliemacraearchitect@gmail.com  for volunteering to be the Team Leader for Crown Primary entries to Loch Ness 5k. Please contact her directly to arrange further. Many thanks Julie!


There is an opportunity for pupils to enter this event at a reduced rate. All they need is an adult who is willing to register themselves as Team Leader for Crown Primary. The Team Leader would then collect entry money from the relevant parents and pay the total online. Team Leader would collect registration packs and distribute on race day.

If you would be willing to be the adult Team Leader, please contact me by Tues 30th August and I will advise other parents. All parents will understand that Team Leader does not have responsibility for the pupil at the event, simply paying online and collecting registration packs.

I attach the entry forms with all the relevant information.

Many thanks

Miriam MacDonald HT

2016 Participating Team Leader Instructions

2016LNM Entry Form 2016

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