In-service days Thursday and Friday.

Just a reminder that school is closed to pupils tomorrow Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd September for School Improvement Training.

Staff will be working on developing the curriculum which will bring us closer to achieving our Preferred Learning Future for your children. Below is the powerpoint we shared at the very well-attended meeting on Monday night. Many thanks to the parents (over 50 in total) who attended and gave us lots of feedback for the next set of parent information meetings. We will try and vary the times and days of these future meetings.



2 thoughts on “In-service days Thursday and Friday.

  1. A very useful powerpoint, thank you. I was unable to make the meeting last Monday, so was pleased to see this on the Blog. I especially like the way you are aiming for pupils to have the confidence to say “I can’t do that… yet” and strive to achieve and to learn in an environment that promotes equality and inclusion in all areas.

    1. Thank you. Recognising and celebrating our own strengths, and those of others, is something that we are getting better at as a nation. But we’re not there….yet!
      During their time at Crown Primary is our opportunity to make a positive impact on the future adults/colleagues/leaders our pupils will be.
      What a great privilege that is!

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