Guerrilla Gardening ! A plea FROM parents TO parents…

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Dads, mums, grandparents,parents, carers, older brothers and sisters & all green thumbs….

Please, please, please consider giving up some of your time this weekend on

Saturday 01 October 2016 9.30 onwards

and again on Friday 07 October 2016 09.30 onwards

to assist with some ‘guerrilla’ gardening around the Nursery and School grounds.  The playgrounds are the outdoors learning and recreation spaces for your children, and part of a community garden within the school grounds. Unfortunately without help from ourselves (as the parent body from the nursery and school) the garden has become hugely overgrown.  What will help enormously is to have a big team of helpers to assist with a big structural tidy up of the gardens (pruning, cutting and clearing) ahead of the October holidays.  This is a once a year job, but if done now the grounds will be in great shape over winter.  However is not a job for our kids to do, nor the teaching staff (though both are welcome to join us)……it requires MAN POWER AND WOMAN POWER from parents.

If you can bring along any of the following: gardening / working gloves, shears, secateurs, long loppers, brushes, spades or forks, plus a flask of tea or coffee (and lunch) that would be ideal.

However there are also lots of tools in the sheds, if you need these, or don’t own any.  If you are inexperienced in gardening but willing to help you are most welcome along and instruction will be given; don’t be put off.

Kids can join in, and they are most welcome to do so or play in the school grounds.  It will be a great day out of doors, and positively enhance the environment for all our kids. All parents undertake this on the understanding that  their children are their responsibility and the school will not be held accountable for any slips/trips!!

A firm commitment from a number of parents for these dates would be both hugely encouraging and welcome, as it is a job to be shared.

Please text or phone

Julie on 07709 732133, or let Claire (Morning Nursery) or Tori (afternoon Nursery) know you can help.

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