P6- The Junior Apprentice Update

Our social enterprise project, The Junior Apprentice, is well and truly underway in P6! We are aiming to raise as much money as possible for The Highland Hospice.  The budding apprentices have so far:

  • created a team name and logo

  • mindmapped their entrepreneurial ideas

  • written a business plan 

  • created a shopping list

  • created a to do list

We are looking forward to selling our products and services at the Christmas Fayre on Saturday 3rd December.

The following teams are sending a plea for help with the following items:

  • The Apprentices  = empty glass jam jars

  • VIBs = Teacups (the more traditional and quaint, the better!)

  • Business Bullets & Team Jaguar = moulds (which can be used to shape bath bombs and candles)

If you are able to help any of the teams out, send this to Miss Morton.

Thank you for your support!


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