Road Safety at Crown Primary

Please discuss with your child. If you witness anything, please report to the school immediately.
It is very important that, even when the green man is showing, you look before you cross.
A resident reported a near miss this morning because a car had jumped the lights. The children were in the right, but we can’t rely on drivers to drive correctly. Please ensure younger children are escorted across any roads.

Many thanks, Ms MacDonald

5 thoughts on “Road Safety at Crown Primary

  1. The crossing at the Heathmount is absolutely leathal cars jump the lights all the time or lorries and buses mount the Kerb to get passed. It’s a miracle no one has been seriously hurt but it’s only a matter of time. We are in desperate need of a lollipop person on that crossing.

    1. Thanks Glenda. If everyone who witnesses near misses reports them to the school office, we can keep reporting them. Please be vigilant to car registration numbers if you can. Ms MacDonald

  2. Must be one of worst road crossing for a school in town. On a positive, was delighted to see Mr Cameron at back gates yesterday to divert any cars parking inappropriately .

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