What a pantomime!

I won’t give the game away, for those coming tonight, by sharing too many photos  but I will say you are in for such a treat! Never in the field of Christmas Panto were so many terrible wigs worn by so few for the entertainment of so many! Brilliant! Well done P5 P6 P7. 

8 thoughts on “What a pantomime!

  1. They were brilliant. Everyone left with a smile on their faces.
    Crown School has a lot of talent…and a huge supply of bad wigs!!!

  2. The show was amazingly amazing, thoroughly enjoyed the performances, very well done p5 P6 P7, and all the staff and teachers who make them to perform so well and flawless, keep it up!!!

  3. I just wanted to say what an AMAZING performance last night! The children excelled themselves and put on a FABULOUS show. What struck me was how much effort staff and pupils alike had obviously put in to preparing for it and I noticed just how proud the teachers were as they looked on last night. A truly wonderful evening – can I come back tonight???

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