Calling parents of competitive P6/P7 cross-country runners:

An opportunity for your child to compete in a national event. Please contact Vikki MacDonald direct:

Saturday 22nd April 2017 – Scottish Schools Primary  Cross Country Championships – Kirkcaldy

Because of the location and time of registration I have decided that the bus will leave Inverness on the Friday evening and return on the Saturday evening – hopefully that will ensure our runners get a good rest and are nice and refreshed for the cross country the following day. It will also give them a chance to mix with children from other Highland schools.  We would hope to stay at the Premier Inn at Glenrothes where currently it costs less than £30 for a family of 4 to stay – coaches/runners/parents would have to meet the cost of accommodation.

The subsidised bus costs are:

  1. Coach/parent/helper – one adult  per school responsible (eg registration)  for the runners from that school – cost £NIL
  2. Pupils taking part in the race £5 each
  3. Parents/Sibling/Supporters £10 each

The bus can take up to a maximum of 75 persons.  Unfortunately spaces can only be secured on a first come first served basis.

For any of you who are unaware of this event it involves approximately 1000 P6’s & P7’s throughout Scotland running in 8 different races (boys/girls, P6/P7, schools A-L/M-Z).  I know that throughout the Highlands we have some very talented athletes – last year two boys from the Highlands took a 1st and 3rd individual places  (P7 race) and a girl took 1st place in the P6 race.   Highland teams have also done very well previously (a team must have a minimum of 3 runners and maximum of 5.


If you are interested in the above  or wish any further information about the event/access to a place on the bus, please contact Vikki by email.

Kind Regards

Vikki MacDonald (2 Redwood Crescent , Milton of Leys, Inverness)

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