Celebrations at Cross Country!

We are very proud of all our athletes at the McRobert Cup today! What a bunch of STARS! Great sporting attitudes and generosity of spirit reported by Miss Rae and Mrs McCormick. That’s what we want Crown pupils to be know for.

Each race had over 100 pupils from many different schools. The P4/P5 male race had 185 racers! Everyone showed that they had been training hard and put in maximum effort despite cold and wet conditions. 

We had some AMAZING individual successes- Killian (P3) 4th place; Will (P3) 6th place, Hannah and Freya (P5)  were 8th and 9th;  Max S (P5/6) 5th and Jake (P7) 2nd. Wowzers!

All our P2/3 girls finished in the top 50% of runners. 

Team medals- P2/3 boys got  bronze, P4/5 girls also got bronze.  Well done to all! Thanks again to Miss Rae, Mrs McCormick and Miss Gray for the time they have given to training!


5 thoughts on “Celebrations at Cross Country!

  1. They were all fantastic and never complained despite the cold rain and lots and lots mud.
    Do you think we could get a big banner or flag made with school crest and motto on it to take to these events and the football tournaments etc ? Maybe SOCS would fund it?

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