Crown Gets Gardening: Parent Power Plea!

A big thank you to our Gardening Gurus for their continued support. They are looking for a bit of support over holidays…



Spring Gardening Sessions at the School Garden

Thursday 06 & Friday 07 April 2017 @ 10am – 3pm

We are planning a couple of gardening days at the school, over the start of the Easter holidays.  This is to have a general spring tidy up of the gardens and grounds (including the nursery garden), with some seeding and planting.

If you have gardened before at the school, or you or your children would like to garden at the school, or you are simply at a loose end, you are most welcome to come along and join us.  It is always good fun and a wonderful day of outdoor learning for the children.

The sessions will be held daily from 10-3, and if you can make it in for any amount of time that would be welcome.  Both days are, of course, weather dependent but short of a hail blizzard or a monsoon, we will be there.  Entrance will be through the school’s front gate only.

Gardening  in April can be cool (and at the rear of the school it can blow a hoolie) so things that will help are for you and your children to be warmly dressed, with waterproof jackets (gloves, hats, scarfs etc).  Equally, if you can, bring a flask of something hot plus snacks or a packed lunch for yourself and your children.

Whilst we are responsible first and foremost for our own children collectively we will look after all the children.  Children will likely have some interest in the garden, and then want to play, and then come back to the garden etc; that tends to be the pattern.  During these hours, the school’s janitor will be about, so we have agreed that the toilets in the caged will be available for use, enabling us to clean hands etc.  We have lots of tools at the school, particularly for the children, but if as adults you can bring a trowel, fork, secateurs and gardening gloves, that would be welcome.

If anybody is unsure of what they are doing, one of us will give instruction; so don’t let that put you off, and if the turnout is good we will in small teams.

Carrying out this work now, at the start of Spring, means that the grounds are in the best condition for all to enjoy as plants, bushes and trees begin to shoot and grow.  But more than this it enables the school and staff to maximise outdoor learning over the summer term, with our children.  During this forthcoming term some joint gardening days, with parental input, will also be timetabled over school hours.

If you are able to come, it would be great to have advance notice of this (and we can plan accordingly). Please send a short email to Julie at (= LOVE OUTDOOR LEARNING). It also enables us to notify you if there is any change of plan.


Looking forward to seeing you there

Julie, Bridget & Tori (Parents of children from nursery to P7)

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