SHaRE Resources Monday 8th 315pm

Just to let you know we will be covering the appropriate learning at each stage in the Curriculum for Excellence’s SHaRE (sexual health and relationships education) area in the next few weeks, as part of our core Health and Wellbeing curriculum.
Please be assured that each class teacher knows their class very well and all issues will be sensitively handled, carefully following policy on what is considered age and stage appropriate by Highland Council.

Resources will be available for you to look at next Monday 8th May from 315pm in P7 classroom. Please feel free to come along and look at the resources.

9 thoughts on “SHaRE Resources Monday 8th 315pm

    1. Hi there. Please don’t worry, SHaRE is standardised across Highland Council and follows the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence levels. Therefore the learning for each stage is age/stage appropriate. The title SHaRE possibly makes it sound more advanced that it is, but that is just the recognised title for this block of learning. We still use resources such as Living and Growing which have been used for a long time. Our teachers know their pupils very well and will follow the age/stage guidelines very carefully. Try to pop along tomorrow if convenient. Ms MacDonald

      1. Thanks, sorry I couldn’t come along as I was at work. Is there anything available online?

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