Election Day ‘Wacky Races to Dores’ 

Image result for multi-cultural family cycling clipartThursday 08 June 2017 @ 10am

Election Day ‘Wacky Races to Dores’ 

Family cycle, including teachers if free, ‘any way’ to Dores and on any kind of bike.  Choose the high road via Essich hill, or low road and cycle path via Torbreck, or off road on the track between the two, with an option of zigzagging down or climbing up MacBains.  Now there’s a challenge!

On the low path the mileage is 18miles (return), and on the high road with a descent into Dores about 22 miles (return).  We (Crown WOW) have tested this route out in advance (many times) with a large group as a family cycle.  It is a scenic and safe route, with something in it for everybody regardless of age or ability.

Meet at the front entrance of Crown Primary School, just within the grounds, from 09.50am, and we will depart from there at 10am sharp.  You will need a bike, a helmet, something visible by way of clothing, a water bottle, a rucksack with a picnic (plus you’ll have the option to buy a coffee /tea to take out from the Dores Inn), a waterproof jacket and a padlock.  If you need to repair a puncture enroute there will be a few adults on hand who can help; but if you have a spare inner tube/repair kit take this along, for both adults and kids bikes.

You are responsible for your own children (and your bikes), both directions (there and back) plus their supervision at Dores Beach.  However there will be some experienced cyclists on hand (both adults and children) who will be there to assist with the fun!

All welcome…come on Crown…let’s get cycling!


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