Door to Dores-from Crown Primary and back!


We had a fantastic and safe trip out to Dores, with a picnic and runaround at the beach.  There were 31 cyclists out, ranging from P1 to P7 plus their parents, and a collective 600 miles (or thereby) traveled .  9 cyclists took the high road with the added challenge of going up Essich Hill and down the big hill into Dores.  All the kids were delightful, with a very positive attitude;  there was not a moan among them. All are looking forward to more adventures on a bike, and for a number of them it was also their first time out to Dores on the cycle path.

* For information, we have decided as cycling parents ONLY to add in our mileage in when this has been built with the children.  On Saturday 03 June, 13 of the Crown WOW cycled to Cromarty and 10 returned (over 50 miles both ways, so a further 575 miles collectively), but we have not added this into the mix, as no children participated.  Equally Nicola Joss (Isla and Finlay’s mum), is out in France this week, and will cycle approx 900 miles alone, at 100 miles a day, if I picked that up correctly from her (it is there or thereabouts she will undertake).  So that seems to be the fairest way.

Let’s keep cycling, Julie

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