Be Inspired by STEAM!

We had lots of visitors in Crown last week as part of our ‘Be Inspired by STEAM!’ focus week, ranging from marine biologists to nuclear medical imaging scientists! 

In our classes we have been thinking about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Maths, the jobs which use these areas and their associated skills. The following statistics show how import raising awareness of STEAM is:

  • 40% of Jobs in Highland are STEM jobs

  • 48% of employers say they prefer STEM graduates because of the skills they posess

  • By 2020, it is projected that Scotland will require an additional 2000 university STEM graduates and 1000 college STEM graduates per year

  • Only 4% of engineering modern apprentices are female 

  • ASPIRES Report – shows that early intervention is key from primary schools. Efforts to broaden student’s aspirations, particularly in relation to STEM, need to begin in the primary school.

On Friday we came together at a whole school assembly to share our learning. A big thank you to all our visitors for their time and expertise – as well as answering all our questions!

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