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Moving Up

Our fabulous P7s head to Millburn for the next 3 days and we wish them every success- we are very proud of you!

There is a P7 parent meeting in Millburn at 7pm tonight.

There have been lots of together time/transition experiences for other year groups throughout the year. On Thursday the pupils will have a chance to get together with their new class for the first time between 145 and 245. This will be a chance for new friendships to be established with the confidence that current friendships will continue at every opportunity across the forthcoming year.

Please be assured that having a composite class presents no more challenges to a teacher or to the learning of pupils than a “straight” class, so we would appreciate it if you can reassure your child about that before Thursday.

Change can be difficult but is a constant throughout  life, and a positive transition experience is a great opportunity to have a conversation about building resilience with your child.

Many thanks for your support

Miriam MacDonald

Sports Day Stars

A HUGE well done to our competitors and big thanks to staff for their organisation yesterday. Mrs Munro has taken much better photos than me. Hopefully we can play them at end of term service as everyone is arriving


Baillie Cup Stars

Fantastic results- very proud 🙂

Primary 1R

Wow! What a day we had on Saturday, I am so proud of all of our athletes that took part in the Baillie Cup. All their hard work in training really paid off and they were all super stars! 

Their attitude, determination and behaviour was excellent on the day and I am so proud to be part of Crown School surrounded by all our wonderful children. 

Thank you to all the parents who supported in the training and those there to support on the day. We really can’t do these events without you! 

We got so many medals and with such tough competition as well. Some of us missed out on medals by such a small margin but they were recognised for their efforts by still getting our school points and receiving a special medal today! 

Results were as follows:


Henry, gold for 60m

Jemma, bronze for 60m


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