Headteacher’s Welcome

HTI am delighted to welcome everyone to the new session at Crown Primary School.

It is my great privilege to be leading the learning  at Crown as your Head Teacher. We have an amazing team here- energetic, innovative, creative and together our aim is for your child’s learning future to be a dynamic one.

As a staff we are responsible for the care and learning your child experiences here and we will do everything we can to meet the individual needs of every pupil in our care in a sensitive and inclusive way. We will help your child develop into a confident, capable young person with a real love of learning and an approach to growth which knows no boundaries. We want your child to believe anything is possible with the right mindset.

Over the session your child can look forward to exploring, creating, questioning, cooperating, challenging and developing within a supportive school community. Our staff will be planning exciting curricular contexts for learning and we will always be here to help ease any concerns that may arise.

The involvement of parents, carers and our wider school community brings such a diverse richness to our school and I very much look forward to getting to know you all well, whether that be at arranged parent meetings, over the phone, by email, over a cup of tea at a parent focus group or standing in the sun (!) in the playground.

Bring on the learning!

Miriam MacDonald