Curriculum Event Feedback

Thank you to the parents who joined us for an insight into the curriculum at Crown on Monday 3rd November, 2014.  This workshop was well received and parent comments can be see below:

‘Excellent – Thank You! Great insight into the subjects and indeed how they are taught. Some great points that I can take home and discuss.’

‘Very useful to have an insight into the programme for HWB, Literacy and Numeracy and to understand the progression and consistency across the stage.  Thank you for an informative, relaxed evening.’

‘A great idea and very well presented. I definitely have a greater understanding of the curriculum and feel quite inspired in different ways to help in their learning and with their homework.’

‘Very interesting.  Thank you. I think the Bounce Back idea is great. Learning does sound fun with the approach you are using at present. I am a little disappointed in the maths homework so far but tonight has given me some more ideas in how to use it.   We will see…’

‘Brilliant evening! Much better idea of what to expect in the next couple of years.’

‘Very useful.  I get limited feedback and not the whole story from my child so very helpful especially the information on Bounce Back and the Good to be Green system. Would it be possible to have a page on the school bog where parents/children could give book suggestions?’

‘Fantastic overview! So reassuring to know what’s expected and also realise how passionate teachers are to help pupils fulfill these expectations.’

‘Very helpful and informative. Thank you.’

‘Very interesting and worthwhile evening. I have learnt a lot about curriculum and teaching.’

‘I really enjoyed this evening and found it reassuring to hear of the breadth of topics/info covered by the children.  Thank you I really value your time to explain the curriculum.’


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